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Tiny Kittens Take The Tiniest Cruise

Stop what you're doing and look at this right meow.

From the minute the ship arrived, these kittens were 👏 so 👏 ready 👏 to 👏 go.


As soon as they set off, curiosity took over.

One kitten wanted to go down the Twister a million times.

Another spent all day trying to catch a birdie. 🐦

These guys spent the day cat-ching some poolside rays. 🌞

This one couldn't purr-suade anyone to join his volleyball game.

This kitten was really feline himself in the professional lighting.

These two did litter-ally nothing and had a paw-some time.

These two, on the other hand, attended to impawtent business: relaxing in tiny hammocks.

This kitten realized lying on a beach chair with froyo was WAY better than lying on a keyboard at home.

And at the end of the cruise, the kittens all agreed — this trip was absolutely purrfect. 🌅

All photos by Lennon & Stone/ © BuzzFeed. Header design by Danielle Ceneta/ © BuzzFeed

All kittens featured in this post (and others) are available for adoption from North Brooklyn Cats.

Set design by T. Andersen Design

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