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    • carlyj

      I’m sorry but I don’t feel this article does a good job at accurately representing the runners of the Boston Marathon. I do not think it was the intent of the author to make the runners sound selfish, but I can see from some of the responses that others caught the same (probably unintentional) undertone. Why were the Boston runners so terribly disappointed that they could not cross the finish line? Was it out of selfishness? Not at all. The whole point of running a marathon is to prove the power of the human spirit. People train for marathons (especially the Boston marathon, which is perhaps the most prestigious in the US) like Olympians train for the Olympics. A marathon is something that, were it not for the willpower and determination humans possess, would probably not even be physically possible. It pushes a human’s body and mind to the very limit of what is possible.  The overwhelming motto of runners is to keep running, no matter what. When Sandy hit New York, marathon runners rallied to run the marathon to take supplies to hurricane victims. Why? Because marathon runners know that in life one of the most important things you can learn is to pick yourself back up when you fall, keep going and, if you can, help those who cannot pick themselves back up.  Why did Marathon Runners hit by the blast pick themselves up and cross the finish line? Was it because they didn’t care about the injured? No, not at all. Yes they were probably in a delirious state. Draining the human body after that many miles will do that. But more importantly than that, it shows the world that we will stand up to evil. We will not let the evil things people do crush our spirits. Many runners that could ran past the finish line to the hospital to donate blood for those who were victims. So many, in fact, that they had to start turning people away. Why were those who could not cross the finish line crying? Was it selfish? Was it because they cared more about a race than about people who were injured? No, it was because, for a runner, to not be able to cross the finish line means something was able to defeat the human spirit (in this case something evil and terrible) and that is a very sad, very defeating feeling for mankind. It is important to show people who are evil in this world our determination to overcome their evils. At that moment when the runners realized they could not finish it meant that something terrible had won: that the human spirit would not triumph over evil that day. That is a very crushing feeling. Fortunately, over the course of the day we saw that the human spirit and the goodness in people DID in fact outweigh the evil and the bad, but at the moment of the blast it probably did not feel that way.  The runners were not crying out of vanity, they were crying out of the pain that comes from thinking there is no hope for humans to triumph over pain and suffering. But we did overcome it, and runners will continue to run to show whoever did this that mankind will overcome evil and achieve great things.

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