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    20 Winter Must Haves For College Girls Who Don’t Wanna Get Frostbite Walking To Class

    This list is full of clothing items that every college girl needs to stay warm this winter. These items are versatile and belong in your closet, no matter what your style is!

    1. Black leggings

    2. Turtlenecks

    3. Sherpa hoodie

    4. Fur vests

    5. Fuzzy socks

    6. Thigh high boots

    7. Fleece leggings

    8. Sweatpants

    9. Oversized hoodies

    10. Winter coats

    11. Raincoats

    12. Pullovers (Half zips)

    13. Rainboots

    14. Trench coats

    15. Cable knit sweaters

    16. Cardigans

    17. Beanies

    18. Duck boots

    19. Blanket scarves

    20. Touchscreen gloves