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Which Member Of The Broughdale Housebaes Are You?

On London's most infamous street, one group of housebae's rises above the rest. Which one are you most similar too?

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  1. How messy are you?
    I can barely find my bed
    Mess? I'm a minimalist
    I am mildly OCD about any messes
    I try to keep my room clean to maintain the aesthetic
    Maybe a few shirts on the ground
    The chair in my room has only ever been used for clothing
  2. What is your favourite sport?
    Innertube Water Polo
    I don't really like sports
  3. What is your drink of choice?
    Gin and Tonic
    Vodka, Straight
    Gin Smash
  4. What will your career be after university?

    Going to go be a ski bumb idk
    Working for a Nonprofit
  5. What would you do if a burglar broke in?

    Where is my bat?
    Call the police
    Sleep right through the whole ordeal
    Hide underneath their bed
    Make friends with the burglar, good guy!
    Sneak out the backdoor and run for your life
  6. What do you do in your spare time?

    Clean the house!
    What spare time?
    Extracurriculars galore
    Play volleyball
    Look up memes
    Watch all of the youtube videos
  7. What is your favourite Friends character?


Which Member Of The Broughdale Housebaes Are You?

You got: Paula!!

You bring 'joy' to everyone that meets you! Known affectionately within the house as Peej, you are the busiest gal of the group. When you're not taking care of the injuries of varsity sports players or managing kin coucil, you are watching varsity sports or going out to the bar with varsity athletes! The rest of the house lives for your hilarious stories and smize. The house wouldn't be the same without you lounging on the couch eating cheese ritz crackers. :) But overall, as peej, you are a total sweetheart that makes us laugh harder than anything and encourages us to live by the motto- carpe yolo!

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You got: Nikki!!

As our girl Pretty Rikki, you constantly astound us with your way of pulling off amazing marks while also fitting in 3 hour-a-day naps! One can be certain that although your fridge quadrant is constantly filled to the brim with fresh food and yet 99% of the time you will opt for toast or a hot dog instead. You are known to crush the dance floor any day of the week, but a fire comes alive in you when the song choices are High School Musical related! But really, your positive outlook on life never fails to uplift the house! The house wouldn't be the same without you playing the same song repeatedly for months on end :)

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You got: Sarah!!

As resident meme queen, you are constantly laughing to yourself and tagging the rest of us in the latest and greatest posts! You are often found wearing a coat far too thin for the current weather and then confused as to why you have a never ending cold. We thank you for your mild shopping addiction as it has dressed all of us through many Jacks Mondays. The house loves you as the girl who enjoys the 'simple' things in life such as a burger with a light chipotle mayo, fine gruyere cheese, thinly sliced avocado and a nice ciabiatta bun. As Sarah, you couldn't be more helpful and kind, commonly making you the non- judgemental voice that we seek in a time of need<3

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You got: Nicole!!

As Nic, you are the go-to source for any and all rom-com movies! Seriously, girl can quote them all. Everyone in the house will come seek you if they are craving a burger or a spoke bagel because we know that you will never say no to quality snackage. Nic is the most studious of the bunch and yet still impresses everyone by her ability to crush Netflix shows like nobody else. Without your hand in cleaning, the house would have likely deteriorated into roaches long, long ago. More than anything, you're a sweetheart that couldn't be more loyal if you tried. All of us know you would be (will be) the first to stand up for us in a bar fight any day!!

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You got: Belinda!!

DJ Belly B will be the first to jump on the coffee table to break down into the infamous, worldwide Peanut Butter Jelly dance. As our modern bohemian housemate, we live in constant fear that you will desert us to live on an island somewhere. When you're not eating oatmeal, you will often be found watching one of the 1,000,000,000 youtube videos in your queue! As Belly you make us laugh to our heart's content and constantly impress us by finding the light in any situation. Your big heart cares so deeply about so many important issues, we can't wait for you to go out and save the world while also perfecting your Gandha Bherundasana (look it up).

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You got: Carly!!

As Carly, you are known for your incredible ability to fall basically anywhere! You tend to get overexcited about basically anything and will often take an "all or nothing" approach to your conquests. You are an absolute coffee addict despite complaining almost constantly about insomnia. But most of all- this stubborn girl loves her housemates enough to write this quiz instead of doing any work :)

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Which Roommate Of 174 Broughdale Are You?

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