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Long Story Short: Cloud Mining

After recent fall of BTC almost on half of the December ratio from 20k to 11k USD per BTC, many crypto investors are worrying about the future of mining and their savings. So in this article, I've tried to learn more about the current alternatives like cloud mining on Hashflare and Genesis.

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All you need to know about Cloud mining

The cloud mining operations are aimed at ensuring that there is trading of the cryptocurrencies into the cloud to acquire cash from the cryptocurrencies. It is easy to acquire a USB Bitcoin miner which is configured into your computer to start cloud mining. The logistic of USB Bitcoin miner is not convenient in the developing countries as many people do not own computers. Developing countries people own smartphones and not personal computers. That's why making cloud mining operations in those countries is very hard.

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The loss of money by individuals made them have a view that cloud mining operations are scam operations. However, HashFlare and Genesis mining are companies that can be trusted by investors to offer cloud mining operations. Although it is risky for beginners to use the mining operations it has been made easy and ability to use small amounts. An individual that has discovered Bitcoin can take that chance to invest some dollars into HashFlare and get involved in Bitcoin mining space.

HashFlare is a cloud mining company that recently announced one year contract with Ether. There is no extra expense to the user making it proper to improve the investment opportunities for individuals. HashFlare has ensured that there is no maintenance fee charged on their contracts to increase the value of Ether cloud mining. In the recent past, there has been an increased stigma of using cloud mining as Bitcoin enthusiasts were conned their money by the Bitcoin miners.

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Cloud mining is a risky operation where an investor is required to have an insight of the risk involved in the operation. The guide is aimed at providing individuals with an extensive knowledge of risks involved in cloud mining. One is required to take Hash Flare's offer of accessing a free account and acquiring verified hashflare discount codes at 10 MH/s or more.

Considering that HashFlare has been in the cloud mining industry for 5 years it has the ability to offer improved could mining experience to Bitcoin, Scrypt and Ethereum users. The customers are able to monitor the progress of their cloud mining using the hash rate live to assist in proper trading of the currencies. This is an indication that HashFlare has the ability to rent mining hardware to users for cloud mining operations. The dashboard is used to identify the most profitable mining pool in their hash rate with the company providing a tool to assist in cloud mining operation. HashFlare provides quality customer experience from no fixed end date, user mining pool allocation, fixed fees and detailed statistics services to the customer.

As the demand for Ethereum token increase there has been a rise in Ether cloud mining in the recent weeks. The Dao crowdsale rose to over $100 million USD according to reports with the Ether price trading at $1041 USD. HashFlare is poised to take an advantage of the lucrative Ether market based on their early entry into the market. Customers are required to get free HashFlare accounts and purchase a coupon contracts and start Ethereum mining for one year.

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