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Somebody On eBay Is Offering A Highly Unusual Tomato For Auction

"You are bidding on a truly unique item of found art which resembles the cleaving together of two (2) ample, soft, and juicy rotund spheres."

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musical_meadow / Via

"Such ample Rubenesque perfection occurs rarely in our cosmos and is rendered yet more serendipitous by the stringency of modern retail supply chains, the diametric opposite of art in an age of its natural or indeed mechanical reproducibility.

In its unprepared, unpulverized and untinned state it somehow references a latent Cambellian, that is to say proto-Warholian state. In its evocation of human forms it simultaneously recalls and references the work of Arcimboldo, as well as a fully ripened take on Picasso's symbol of resilience and hope."

musical_meadow / Via

"Since its acquisition by the current owner it has been kept in chilled conditions to prevent degradation. To the successful bidder your delicate item will be shipped immediately in appropriate packaging. No warranties are given regarding the longevity of the item.

Any unsuccessful bidder or observer may admire these photographs of the item free of charge."

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