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Lets Talk About Wtf Happened In Sherlock

*WARNING* Spoilers below if you have not watched "The Lying Detective". The second episode was insane and ended with a huge shocker. LET'S TALK ABOUT IT.

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I think we can all agree, this ep was dark AF.

Hartswood Films / Via BBC

I mean Sherlock was high for almost the entire episode. Culverton is a serial killer and John beat up our babe Sherlock. CRAZY.

Mrs. Hudson is amazing and a legend.

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Our favorite landlady managed to handcuff Sherlock, hold him at gunpoint, and shove him in the trunk of her car. We are forever grateful to Hudders as she forced John to examine Shezza. He wasn't her first smackhead.

We also need to show some love to our favorite reptile Mycroft, who ended up getting Lady Smallwood's PRIVATE number. I am proud yet uncomfortable at this possible relationship.

We are still left with the question: Who is Sherrinford? Another brother? Sherlock's twin? (It's never twins). All will be answered in "The Final Problem" (we hope).

Until the final episode, I'll leave you with the best TV moment of all time. #Johnlock4life

"The Final Problem" airs January 15th at 21:00 on BBC One and on PBS at 7:00 PM ET.

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