These Are My Tried And True 8 Mocktail Brands You Should Check Out This Summer

    Grab a mocktail. All the cool kids are doing it.

    From the famous "sleepy-girl mocktails" to the "healthy-girl mocktails" trending on TikTok, mocktails are certainly one of the best summer must-haves to grace the internet this year.

    But only some have the time, energy, or money to put together these fancy recipes with ~aesthetic~ glasses and high-quality ingredients.

    Just for those who are feeling lazy, but still want that fancy feeling, here are eight mocktails that are ready for you to stock your fridge with — oh, and you can order them all on Amazon:

    1. Mixoloshe Cocktail Alternative

    2. DRY Soda

    3. Mocktails (yes, that's the name!)

    4. Des Soi

    5. Mocktail Club

    6. Recess Zero-Proof Mocktails

    7. Kul Mocks

    8. And Hella Cocktail Co