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Top 10 Benefits Of Consistent & Planned Posting

For those who are conducting business online, the importance of SEO is something you should be familiar about and this should never be underestimated. For a business to be successful, it’s ideal for a content marketing strategy to be able to draw customers into what you’re trying to promote and here’s how to make that possible.

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Top 10 Benefits of Consistent & Planned Posting

For those who are conducting business online, the importance of SEO is something you should be familiar about and this should never be underestimated. For a business to be successful, it's ideal for a content marketing strategy to be able to draw customers into what you're trying to promote and here's how to make that possible.

Daily Linking Through Social Media, Document, Image and Video Sharing Should Never Be Underestimated:

There are a number of reasons why linking through different online platforms is important. For one, it can help in high pr backlinks web 2.0 social bookmarkingimproving the authority of a website while bringing in traffic and potential buyers at the same time. This process is very time consuming, however, this is the magic that makes a successful website! The absolute secret sauce is consistency. When you are pressed for time you may consider using a professional SEO marketing service that specializes in these areas.

1. It Helps in Creating Brand Recognition

One of the most important marketing goals for any business is to be able to gain brand recognition. Obviously, consumers would prefer to purchase brands that they do recognize and social media allows a business to easily and effectively build their brand.

Aside from that, social media also have more benefits than traditional media, mainly because it can get the brand in front of people in a shorter amount of time. It can also get your audience to look at your brand even when they're not actively seeking for it.

2. Generates a Conversation Around the Brand

With the help of a strong social media marketing strategy, it's possible to successfully generate conversation about the products, brand, and partners. Through this, it's possible for the business owner to receive a good amount of feedback about their product while influencing their visitors to talk about their brand at the same time.

3. It's a Great Way to Tell Your Brand's Story

Through social media, sharing the brand's mission and stories have never become easier. Wherein, effective stories could positively impact the brand's image. These stories can be simple or extensive; depending on which one would be more effective for the company.

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4. Gather Data from Audience Research to Strengthen Your Business

Audience research can be compared to social listening because it searches the keywords that the audience would possibly use, but it's also focused on a more specific product.

5. A Way to Build Customer Loyalty

What is more helpful than being able to build brand loyalty without the need to spend a lot? Considering the fact that customers usually follow and interact with the brands they enjoy, there's also the chance that these people would turn into a loyal customer that would also help in improving traffic.

This can be done by regularly updating your social media platforms

6. Direct Referral Traffic to a Site or Blog

Effective social media marketing can also help in sending customers directly to your website. Furthermore, it's very unlikely for the traffic to solely come through search engines. Social media channels are known for bringing in a more diverse inbound traffic stream.

pro-daily-packageHowever, despite the fact that social media platforms are great for getting traffic into your website, it's also important to consider not only what to post, but how often it should be posted as well. You don't want to turn into an overbearing marketer or you'll end up losing customers instead of gaining them.

That's why it's important to stick with a schedule for posting because this would give you the assurance that your content is not only posted at the time that's most effective, but it would also give you ample time to edit your content as a way to improve your SEO.

7. It Can Help with Link Building

A lot of people aren't aware that social media can also have an indirect impact on SEO. For instance, a website managed to get about 1,000 shares on a blog post because it contains strong content, then there's the tendency that some followers who come across this post may create similar content and link back to the original post and cite it as their source.

8. It's Free of Charge

The good thing about social media platforms is that creating an account and posting organic content can be done for free. For some business owners, this is already enough and the quality of the content can be used to promote the business on its own. However, for those who would rather go the extra mile and be able to promote further, then asking a professional SEO service is also ideal.

Anyone can promote via Facebook for any budget and the good thing about this is that it automatically directs the ad toward the users that may be interested in whatever you are trying to promote. That is how you create targeted traffic!

9. Establish a Brand as Topical Authority

viral-marketing-784218_1280What is topical authority? This means that the business is a trusted source of information on a certain topic. That said, where does social media become part of it? Well, establishing topical authority has always been a subset of content marketing. Wherein, the more social media are being utilized to post relevant content, the more chances that search engines would be able to pick this up and consider a website as an authority on that particular subject.

10. Audience Retargetting with the Help of Social Media

Retargeting has always been a wonderful tool for social media marketing and improving a website's traffic. Updating a site regularly would increase the chances that your followers would be reminded of what you have to offer and this would influence them in checking your blog or website once again.

Why Is It Important to Focus on Quality Links that Have High Domain Authority and High Page Authority?

Domain authority is the measure created by MOZ. It shows how likely a website or blog would be ranked high in search engines. On the other hand, page authority measures the strength of each page.

Experts believe that investing in domain authority and page authority can be advantageous over a period of time. Wherein, if enough time is given to domain authority, this would lead to more inbound traffic because it would also increase the ranking potential of a number of pages all at once. Likewise, with the help of page authority, it becomes possible to emphasize a particular page or be able to compete in search results as well– this would allow the web owner to build his page authority and offer an extra push.

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