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Uber's Next CEO: A List Of Eligible Candidates

With a blaring vacancy in tech’s C-suite neighborhood, the industry is buzzing with guesses as to who will fill the CEO seat at Uber. Luckily for them, my team at Klashwerks went through the trouble of coming up with a list of eligible candidates so they don’t have to. The following folks either have recently become employable, have a public history with cars, or a seriously enviable garage -- all qualities that obviously make them an excellent fit for the position:

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Bill O'Reilly: Needs a job, may be easiest fit with the company culture

CBS / Via

Jay Leno: West coast car buff, can provide his own fleet

Jalopnik / Via

David Hasselhoff: Very familiar with self-driving cars

Knight Rider / Via

Owen Wilson: Will make any company cuter

DisneyPixar / Via

Elon Musk: Time to take Uber underground


Hillary Clinton: For her known expertise in internet and email security

ABC / Via

Kathy Griffin: She won’t lose her head (or anyone else's) in this role

Tiger Woods: Has become a huge fan of Uber recently

EA Sports / Via

Xzibit: Time to set new standards for Uber car owners

All Things Go Music / Via

T.J. Miller: Making sure all Uber drivers toe the line

HBO / Via
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