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How To Get Along The Agony Of Moving

When was transferring to another place become easy? Whether we admit it or not, moving can affect our emotions too. Thankfully, there are ways to prevent those emotions.

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Moving is not only long process but also a nerve-racking event. It is not easy as putting new furniture in our living room or even replacing appliances to our house. The stress cause by it is more than you refurbish your old house. You might experience stress in refurbishing your house such as planning, materials and cost. However, it can be solved when you hire professional. Unlike relocating, the stress and emotional pain can be compared to losing your family members.

Simply because, it is in our human nature to be territorial and social. Territorial in a sense that we recognize our property. You have been familiar to place and the people in your community over the years. In other words, you get attach to the place and leaving is distressing, indeed.

Clearly, the reason of this is place attachment. This is a personal connection between individuals and environment. Your bonding with your community. This is usually happened when you develop memories from them. As a result, you formed attachment to your area which make more difficult for you when you transfer places.

In the same way, human like to belong in a group. It is easy to identify ourselves through group. As a matter of fact, we live in a group. Our actions and most of our decisions are in accordance with the group’ opinion and advice. Therefore, naturally we are social.

In that case, moving has become annoying and difficult event in life. Since, there are emotions involve when you transfer place.

Common Emotions When Relocating

Emotion is a powerful force that often rule in our life. We act according to our emotion almost all occurrences in our life. Thus, moving is considered as one of life changing event that brings emotional response to movers. To begin with, here are the natural types of emotions that movers often feels.


Normally anxiety occurs during stressful events. You get anxious because of the change that is happening or will happen to your life. Thus, the unfamiliarity of the place that you are transferring can bring affliction.


There are many things that people are afraid. One of those fears is transition period after the move. Starting from scratch like knowing well the place and the people around the community is truly challenging. For, it cannot be done overnight.


The feeling of sadness is often accompanied by loss. Usually, your house has become part of your life. Lots of memories about your family are stored inside your house. Thus, leaving it is like part of you died too.

Ways to Handle Stress

The process is tough but there is always solution in every circumstances in life. It is true that moving is a routine that cannot be avoided by anyone though, you don’t look to it or like it. Still, you cannot avoid the fact that it is part of life. Relocating is ordinary event and the emotional stress caused by it can be overcome. Since, emotion is originated from the brain and human mind is flexible. Therefore, it can surpass. Here are the ways to handle emotional stress.

Comprehensive Checklist

Packing is the first thing that every mover did when transferring to other places. Therefore, having concrete plan list from removing items to things to pack will lessen your worries.

Condition Your Mindset

Human brain is powerful. It has the ability to process information and execute command according to whatever it perceive. You can condition your mind that changes are constant in this world and nothing is permanent. All things come and go.

Exercise Your Skill of Letting Go

Human is the most adaptive creatures in the world. You have the ability to learn to accept and adapt changes. It is the primary reason why you survive in whatever the situation. Learning to see objects or things as temporary and not possessing as your own can make you to let go things.

Explore Your New Place

Don’t be afraid to explore in your new place. You can ask your friends or family to travel around from your new place. Through this, it will help you to be more familiar to your new place and your neighbours.

Contact list of People that will Help You

Moving to another place is a huge change to you and to your family. So, having a support system from the people you know during your transition period is helpful to you.

Make New Friends

No man is an island. All of us depend on one another. Even you are a new kid on the block, you have to go outside to meet other people. Making new friends will help you recover from emotional stress that you experience from moving.

No one say that transferring from another place is easy as a piece of cake. Whatever the reason of your move, the process is only one. In addition, how you deal with the stress will depend on your determination to cope. People have the ability to adapt in every circumstances.

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