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6 Tips To Avoid Errors When Moving A House

Mistakes happened even when transferring places although, it is not intentional. See how you can avoid those mistakes.

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Settling to other place that all new to you can be completely hard on your part that is why most people opt to find removals companies to help them ease their burden of transfer. Your removals men understand the hassle and emotions that you are going through. They do their best to provide you a facile move. However, sometimes mistake cannot be avoided. No matter how cautious your hired moving company is, error happened occasionally which can lead into confusion and resulted in misunderstanding on both parts. Removals do commit mistake but, it doesn’t mean they were the only accountable in all faults that happened.

Most of the time it takes two to tango. There are instances that customer made mistakes too from their query. Therefore, misunderstanding takes place which can result into problems that leads to misconception to most movers. To prevent this to happen, let us see first how error begin and what you can do to resolve the issue.


* Book your move ahead of time

Friday is the most chosen days when moving house while summer months is the peak month for removals. And during those times, rates tends to become pricey because the demand is high. We understand why Friday is the popular day of relocating because you have enough time to unpack to your new house. Likewise, summer is the perfect season to move because roads are not wet nor has any major hazard like frost or fog.

On the other hand, this are the time that removals companies are busier because, they are doing lots of jobs. Thus, booking two weeks or one week ahead will help to avoid hassle on both parties.


* Insufficient space in van

This is commonly happened when you did not give the accurate number of things that you will take to your new place. That is why, removal firms are doing survey about your possession. For them to know, the appropriate size of their van that can load all your possession aside from providing you accurate quotes.

Show to them all area to your house as well stuffs that you want to bring in your move so that, they will know the right size of van to carry.


* Send precise information

Not telling them the important information such as your location, telephone number and parking permits can prevent your moving van to arrive late on the day of your move. This is the reason why they arrive late from your agreement arrival time.

You can take picture of your new place to move and send to them. By doing this, they will know what van to bring that can fit to your new location and where to unload your possession.


* Asking additional cost

You probably heard stories about removals companies that asked for additional cost. In some cases, they hold possessions for ransom. Removals are carrying many legitimate costs. This is the reason why we keep reminding people to compare quotes on several removals firm. Don’t just go in one firm. Compare at least three to four removals companies.

Research many removals firms as you can then compare their quotes. You can also negotiate with them. Some companies give discounts. Don’t forget to look on their customers review and testimonials as this can help you to decide. Also, beware of phone quotation as it can never be exact as you want it to be. Neither, beware of company that offer too low prices to avoid scam.


* Damage Possessions

This is often the common issue of customers with their hire removals company. In most occasion this kind of issue can be avoided. If you decide to pack your items by yourself. Make sure that you pack it well to avoid damage when removals men handle your boxes. On the other hand, collision is one instances that is inevitable occasionally. When this thing happened, your possessions has possibilities to break.

However, this thing can prevent from happening if you will hire professional packers. Normally, removals firms offer full or partial packing and unpacking services. They are well-trained and knowledge on dealing this matter especially on fragile items. Also, they have the right packing materials to all your stuff. In addition, make sure that your chosen removals are cover by their insurance.


* Missing Items

Like damage possession, missing items is also common issue when moving to your new house. Mostly, this happened when items are left unattended or you fail to check your house before leaving. Bear in mind that you should keep valuable items always. If you really want your removal company to handle your precious items. Talk to your removals company regarding adequate insurance for those items.

Remember, all moving companies are different. They are also human that can make errors even they have expertise on moving. Hence, not all moving house problems are all their mistakes. Customers have also part with that mistake too. For that reason, it is improper to put all the blame to them. Hence, don’t make urgent decision when hiring removals. Shop around instead and compare their terms, condition, reviews and rates before hiring them. It is better to be cautious than regret in the end.

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