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    The 5 Needs Of The Caribbean Diaspora, And Where To Get Them

    Caribbean based people always stay true to what they know and love. When living away from home they utilize every resource to maintain all the senses of the Caribbean. Here are the best places online for the Caribbean Diaspora to get that feeling of home.


    The Spice House / Via

    Caribbean food is known for a full spectrum of flavours, and every island does it differently. Getting the right spices and seasoning for a Caribbean pot sometimes means visting the homeland and returning with a suitcase full of what you need. Or you can just order it from The Spice House. Though not limited to only Caribbean used spices, one can get mostly anything ranging from Trinidad Scorpion Peppers to Jamaica Jerk Seasoning.


    As Bob Marley rightfully said, "One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain." It is impossible to sit still when listening to Caribbean music. Whether it be Reggae, Calypso, Soca or Dancehall a real Caribbeanite needs their regular fix of island music. VP Records' soundcloud channel is frequently updated with what's hot in Reggae and Dancehall while DJ Private Ryan's channel is the best for Soca.


    Properttees Apparel / Via

    Caribbean folk feel the need to display their heritage more so when away from home. Where does one order the gear needed to represent their homeland? Properttees Apparel. Multiple designs for every Caribbean nation are available, on clothing for Men, Women, Kids and even Babies!


    There is so much to do and so many places to go during the Carnival season of any Caribbean nation. Getting your hands on fete tickets and the events schedule can be a lot of work, or you can just visit Ticket Federation. They cover tickets and events for many different Carnival seasons all over the world.


    With any visit back home to the islands, especially for a Carnival season, a good time was had. For any major event that was attended you may just have been caught on camera. Trini Jungle Juice provides entertainment coverage for Caribbean themed events globally. So you can never forget the true Caribbean experience.

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