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20 Handyman Photos That Will Make You Say "Me"

*applies duct tape once* "I can fix all things!"

2. On desperation:

3. On innovation:

4. On breakfast:

5. On goals:

6. On professionalism:

7. On safety:

8. On foresight:

9. On "busy work":

Next time someone asks me out I'm telling them I'm closed for renovations

10. On beating the system:

11. On resourcefulness:

I put some putty on a radiator pipe just now if anyone needs a handyman.

12. On curiosity:

13. On trying:

14. On efficiency:

15. On resilience:

16. On recreation:

17. On pest control:

18. On adulting:

19. On domination:

20. On motivation:

We get it — some things aren't easy to fix. Thankfully, with Carhartt, at least you can look like you know what you're doing.

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