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Here’s Everything You Want To Know About Protein In 2023

Protein remains a key dietary trend. Find out more about its importance and impact at

The new year has settled, which means it’s the perfect time to educate yourself on the way the food world is progressing. Check out what's happening to protein in 2023.

2023 outlook on protein

What do people want? Value-added and diverse protein offerings!

Demand for value-added meat continues to grow as the number of consumers frequently or sometimes buying it has nearly doubled since 2016

It's all about fast, easy, and time-saving meals.

As many return to the office, consumers seek meals that are easy to purchase and prepare. Seventy-three percent desire meals ready in 30 minutes or less

Protein-packed diets are gaining importance.

Protein remains a key dietary trend with 29% claiming it has become more important in their diets but it's role is evolving

And the flexitarians are here to stay.

Flexitarians are super consumers of the growing plant-based category. They're 21% of US adults and they're millenials / Gen Z'ers, meat eaters, educated and affluent, multicultural, and parents of young children

Consumers are regularly enjoying seafood's many benefits.

Seventy-two percent of US adults eat seafood at least once a month. Multicultural consumers over-index with eating seafood multiple times a week and eating more variety of species on a regular basis

They also want to know how their purchases affect the environment and society.

Sustainability is growing in awareness and becoming personal. Consumers want to make better choices at the meat case with 63% wanting transparency

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