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11 Date Night Ideas For Superhero Moms

Ready for date night? Let take care of childcare so you can take care of yourself.

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1. Because you're always coordinating and hosting playdates...

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...let your hair down at a happy hour.


Slip on your favorite heels and get ready to dance the night away.

2. Because you tell the best bedtime stories...

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...spend a day reading in a coffee shop together.






Cosy up with a coffee and slice of cake, and disappear into that book you brought but never started.

3. And have already stayed up many nights singing lullabies...

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...sing your heart out at a karaoke bar.


Put all those late-night lullaby sessions to good use in front of a real audience!

4. Because you're basically the personal shopper of the house...

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...hit the mall and find yourself something new.


Change up your hairstyle or encourage each other to experiment with a new style. It's time to treat yourselves!

5. Because you never forget to carry snacks wherever you go...

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...have a picnic in your local park.

You don't have to venture far to have an exciting day out. Sometimes all you need is sunshine, a blanket, and some good food.

6. Because you are always ready with the answers to all of the questions...

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...take a class and learn something new.

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It's time to be the student again! Pick up a new skill and show off to your crew once you get back home.

7. Because you're usually trying to make vegetables look as tasty as cookies...

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...dress up for the classic dinner and a movie.

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It doesn't matter whether you try out a fancy new place or stick with your favorite, because getting glammed up is half the fun!

8. Because you RUN the school run like a boss...

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...snuggle up and take a duvet day together.

Think breakfast in bed, catching up on reading, and dozing off between episodes — GUILT-FREE!

9. Because you're a permanent personal cheerleader...

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...catch a live show.

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Get dressed up and see a comedy show, a play, or maybe just soak up some live music.

10. Because you're always making things feel better...

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...treat yourself to a pamper day.

Indulge in treatments to make sure you both leave feeling like a refreshed and recharged power couple!

11. Because you usually enforce naptime but don't get to doze off yourself....

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...curl up on the couch and have a cosy night in.

Did somebody say takeout?

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