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12 People Who Restore Your Faith In Others

People are good. These people took small steps to make an important impact. Join Johnson & Johnson to celebrate that Care Inspires Care.

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1. The woman who spends one lunch break every week handing out food to the homeless.

Courtesy Kasonja Holley /

Kasonja Holley, the founder of Love In Motion, has inspired many others to reexamine their own lunch plans. She told Chicago's WGN, "I just do it because it's a good thing to do. That's it."

2. The man who hands out flowers to strangers because he knows everyone's going through something or another.

AP Photo/Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Mike Greener

The project "You Deserve a Flower" levels the playing field of everyday struggles. Its founder says, "for whatever you're dealing with, you deserve this."

3. The neighbor in Saudi Arabia who put a refrigerator on the street, encouraging people to leave leftovers for the needy.

أنا من زمان أقول: إن أهل #حائل كرماء رجل وضع أمام بيته ثلاجةً لفائض الطعام صدقة غير مباشرة للمحتاج يا بعد حيي يا حائل

د. محمد العريفي@MohamadAlarefe

أنا من زمان أقول:

إن أهل #حائل كرماء

رجل وضع أمام بيته ثلاجةً لفائض الطعام

صدقة غير مباشرة للمحتاج

يا بعد حيي يا حائل

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An anonymous man placed the refrigerator on the street to allow people to take food without shame. Its presence has encouraged all members of the community to donate.

4. The anonymous family that gives $100 holiday surprises to community members.

AP Photo / The Charlotte Observer, Todd Sumlin

In 2012, the Secret Santas handed out nearly $10,000 to unsuspecting community members, including crossing guard Nathaniel Workman (above). Their generosity has spread, and similar secret santa efforts have been spotted in years since.

5. The airport pilot who ordered pizza for his entire plane when they were stuck on the tarmac.

Pratap Sankar / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: gugugagaa

Using his own money, Frontier Airlines pilot Gerhard Brandner ordered 50 pies. He tells Denver's KDVR, "Whoever's with me is not going to go hungry."

6. The men who thought we could all use a little more "LOVE."

If you've been to New Orleans recently, you may have seen the word "LOVE" popping up all over town. The men responsible for the 70 signs across town consider it a social experiment and say it's one that, at the very least, has made them more loving.

7. The city organizers who created an entire day of surprises to fight the mundane.

David Cooper / Contributor / Toronto Star / Getty Images

They call it 100 in 1 day because it's 100 surprises in 1 day. From spontaneous yoga at the beach to silent discos, the project aims to break routine and bring people together. The project began in Bogotá and has been mimicked in 13 other cities, including Cape Town, Copenhagen, and Montreal.

9. The man who became a "human bench" for an elderly woman to sit upon when they were trapped in an elevator.

Oran Viriyincy / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Via Flickr: viriyincy

Tampa Resident Rita Young was stuck upright in a trapped elevator when Cesar Larios knelt down to give her a surface to sit upon. Young told local reporters, "His mom should be very proud to have raised someone like that."

10. The stranger who returned a wallet. And added a $20.

Robert Couse-Baker / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: 29233640@N07

The newly packed wallet included a note reading, "Do me a favor and when you get the chance, do something nice for someone else.” The young man whose wallet was returned brought the note to school and inspired his entire community.

11. The neighbor who waved to her community so frequently, an entire town celebrated her friendliness.


Students in Comox, British Columbia wanted to show Tinney Davidson that they appreciated her morning waves by throwing her an entire assembly.

12. And the woman who made a resolution to let more people in — by letting everyone pass her in traffic.


Seeking a way to give gifts to strangers, Sandra Storey had an epiphany when she was allowed to butt in line at a shopping center. Allowing others to go first is a simple and impacting way to care.