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15 Lessons About Care That We Can Learn From Children

Their wide eyes always seem to open up ours. Join Johnson & Johnson in recognizing how each act of care can inspire another and ultimately create a more caring world.

1. Care within a family is contagious and starts young.

Even the littlest ones know what a family is made of.

2. As children grow, they learn that helping each other out makes life a lot more fun.

3. They learn to be patient, knowing that no one likes to be left behind.

Because every adventure is better with friends!

4. They prove that sharing is caring.

5. And that care can be expressed without words.

6. Children remind us that showing up in the audience can mean the world to someone.

7. And that there's no such thing as being too grateful.

8. Young siblings show care by emulating each other.

9. Young athletes show care by thanking their competitors.

10. For a child, saying "thank you" isn't complicated.

11. Neither is giving a gift.

12. Children remind us that showing care doesn't have to cost a lot.

13. They know that care takes commitment.

14. And that technology makes it easier for us to care for each other, not harder.

15. Most importantly, they know you care for others, they'll care for you back.

Join the Care Inspires Care movement! The best gift we can give our children is care.