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Graduation 101

You’ve got the tickets, you’ve measured yourself for your hat and gown (and ordered them) and settled all your fees, and now all you need to do is see it through the day. Here's everything you need to know to get you for your graduation!

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Your graduation day will probably be the biggest day of your life, so far. And although it feels like only yesterday your parents were dropping you off at your first year halls of residence, tears in their eyes, they’re now back to watch you walk across a stage and shake the Chancellor’s hand.

Graduation can be a bit of a Marmite subject. Some students can’t stand the thought of sitting in a hall for hours and hours for a piece of paper. But for others, like myself, graduation is the day I’d been dreaming about all those late nights when holed up in libraries with thousands of words to write and books to read.

At long last, you’re a graduate in the Class of 2017. #WeDidIt

In preparation...

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The first thing you need to do is find out where and when your graduation will take place. Graduating students should try to be seated around 1 hour before your ceremony begins. Be there with plenty of time to spare, you don’t want to be that person who walks in late!

Print out the confirmation email sent to you by Ede and Ravenscroft to collect your robes with ease at the ceremony. If you haven’t purchased extra time with your gown, it is important to return them the same day. Graduation robes can be returned as soon as the ceremony finishes. The return windows change between graduation times, so make sure to double check with the staff present to avoid fines.

Leave your house a little early, it can be stressful trying to get yourself and family to the venue on time, as well as collecting your registration card, tickets and academic dress. Make sure to get lots of photos with your friends and family, you're unlikely to graduate again - savour the moment!

Once you’re decorated with a cap and gown, it’s a good idea to introduce your family to your friends and their families. Your parents will probably be more excited about the day than you are. Instead of getting embarrassed and shooing them away, embrace the moment, hug them back, be humble and laugh it off if you have to.

The ceremony...

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If you can write a 10, 000 word dissertation then you can walk 10 steps across a stage in a fancy gown without tripping. If you’re determined to wear six inch heels however, be sure to practice the art of falling gracefully - think Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars 2014!

Don't wear too many layers as you can easily overheat underneath your gown, relax, participate and cheer on your fellow classmates. A shirt with a button to secure your graduation hood is a good idea, as well as carrying some safety pins and brooches to secure your gown.

Chances are your graduation ceremony will involve you to sit, stand and applaud lots of people you don’t know, but this doesn’t mean you can leave once your name has been called. It is important to show your peers the same respect they have shown you. Please don’t forget to switch your phone off for the entire ceremony and ask that your guests do the same.

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Most of all, enjoy yourself! This day is about you and celebrating your achievements. Don't forget to say goodbye to the people that have shaped your journey through university.

Good luck!

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