Which 408/409 Suitemate Are You?

Take this or you aren’t allowed into our room. Please & Thank You!

  1. 1. What is your favorite tv show?
    1. 30 Rock
    2. White Collar
    1. The Office
    2. Shameless
  2. 2. What's your favorite food?
    1. Pasta
    2. Clif Bars
    1. Cinnamon Rolls
    2. Pizza
  3. 3. What's your favorite non-alcoholic drink?
    1. Capri Suns
    2. Gatorade
    1. Black Coffee
    2. Smoothies
  4. 4. What kind of Drunk are you?
    1. You sing and take selfies and then pass out before midnight
    2. You give lots of hugs and compliment everyone all while asking people if they want to go to Cheesie’s
    3. You laugh a lot and try to get up and dance whenever possible
    4. You annoy everyone and talk non-stop about how drunk you are after 1 sip of wine
  5. 5. What's Your Catch Phrase?
    1. “Oh no, it’s okay!” (when it’s probably not okay)
    2. Sings : “Oh no no no”
    3. “I don’t want to talk about me” (talks about self for 45 minutes straight)
    4. “low key” (when something is very not low key)
  6. 6. where do you spend all your money?
    1. Starbucks like the basic white girl you are
    2. Target buying things you really don’t need
    1. Whole Foods buying overpriced health food
    2. Venmo, paying back the person who bought you all your alcohol
  7. 7. What do you do in your free time?
    1. In bed
    2. At the Stu
    1. with your sorority sisters
    2. Volunteering
  8. 8. Favorite Alcoholic drink?
    1. Gin
    2. Tequila
    1. Rosé
    2. Hard Cider/ Beer

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