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Captain Morgan's Ice Crush 4 Ways

The Captain is red. The ocean is blue. Everyone is one of these Valentine’s Day drinks…which one are you?

Serves: 4 (2 units per serving)


The Mingler
600 grams ice cubes
300 millilitres lemonade
200 millilitres Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum

The Romantic
50 millilitres cranberry cordial
¼ teaspoon ruby food gel

It’s Complicated
50 millilitres double concentrate apple and blackcurrant cordial
2 small drops purple food gel

The Blackheart
25 millilitres blackcurrant squash
¼ teaspoon black food gel


  1. Start by preparing the flavours for your ice crushes. For the red ice crush, place the cranberry cordial into a small bowl along with the ruby food gel. Stir until combined. For the purple ice crush place the apple & blackcurrant cordial into a small bowl along with the Purple food gel. Stir until combined. For the black ice crush, simply combine the blackcurrant squash and black food gel in a small bowl; stir and set aside until needed.

  2. For your ice crush base, simply place the ice cubes, lemonade, and Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum into a food blender and blitz until a smooth slushy-like consistency is achieved.

  3. Divide between 4 glasses. For your red ice crush, add your red cranberry mixture and stir. For your purple ice crush, simply add the apple and blackcurrant cordial and stir. For your black ice crush, add your blackcurrant cordial mixture and stir. For your neutral guest, serve your fresh ice crush plain and garnish with a slice of lemon. Garnish the rest as desired and enjoy!