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12 Ways To Gamify Your Life​

Time to inject some fun into things. Captain Morgan's game!

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1. Liven up a dull tube journey by working out who you'd marry if there were an apocalypse.


Mentally award your fellow passengers points based on good genetic makeup, probability of being able to build shelter, and likelihood of being eaten by bears.

2. Combat meeting boredom by playing "Buzzword Bingo".


Get some colleagues involved. Assign everyone one of your bosses overused catchphrases, and whoever has their phrases come up first gets out of the office tea round for a week.

3. Create gaming checkpoints on your way to work.

BuzzFeed/Antonia Heslop

"You walk passed that lamppost: checkpoint. Jog to the red car: extra life. Beat up your boss: promotion!*

*That last one was a joke."

6. Pretend that zombies are chasing you to up your gains in the gym.

Dieter Spears / Getty Images / Via

"Running on the treadmill? You’re being chased by zombies and have to outrun the person next to you or you’ll get eaten.

Pedaling on a bike? Mad scientist has you trapped in a basement creating kinetic energy for his experiments."

7. Race people walking down the street.


"Pretend that you’re in a racing game and dodge, swerve and overtake pedestrians. If someone is walking at a slightly faster speed than you, speed up and overtake. 10 points if you make them break in to a mild jog*.

**-10 points if they think you’re a mugger and run away…"

9. Alleviate bordom on car journeys by cutting down all the trees.

Ondine Corewijn / Getty Images / Via

Imagine that you have a big stick in your hand, dangling out the window, and you’re smashing trees down as you pass them. Or imagine an invisible man running alongside your car as you drive along. Feel sad when you make swift turns and he’s no longer there.

10. Reimagine yourself as a hero when you’re trying to carry your shopping up the stairs.

Channel Five / Via

You’re not a lone food shopper trying to do just one trip up the stairs with your shopping - you are an army corporal trying to carry bags to supplies to your troops. The more you carry, the more lives you’re saving.

11. Walk on the ceiling.

Voyagerix / Getty Images / Via

Hold out a mirror in front of you, so that it's pointing on the ceiling but you can't see your reflection, and walk. You get a weird, trippy, walking-on-air feeling.

Just make sure there's no obstacles/stairs in your way.