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15 Things Everyone Will Definitely Do In 2016

Welcome to the future, people. It's time to live like the Captain with Captain Morgan.

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1. Make a resolution.

2. Regret making that resolution.


3. Forget you should be paying attention.

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4. Get easily distracted.

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5. Fail to do the right thing.

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6. Try to hold it all together.

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7. Occasionally treat yourself.

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8. Make poor last-minute decisions.

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9. Daydream about life.

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10. Try to "do culture".

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11. Try really hard to make more effort.

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12. Bemoan the British weather.

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13. Bemoan the British weather.


14. Try to "do fashion".

Jen Winston

15. Always delay the inevitable.

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Take life less seriously, have more fun and live like the Captain! Captain Morgan #livelikethecaptain.