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Captain Morgan's Ready To Share Cocktails Are The Refreshing Drinks Your Crew’s Hangs Need

Just open, pour, and enjoy: Ready to Share cocktails from Captain Morgan!

As the weather gets warmer, the hangs hit different and nobody wants to be stuck behind the bar kit while the vibes are getting good.

A confused man standing behind bar kit equipment

That's why Captain Morgan created its Ready to Share cocktails!

They're fun takes on classic cocktails, only in a bottle!

There's Captain Morgan Long Island Iced Tea...

...Captain Morgan Tropical Punch...

...And Captain Morgan Mai Tai.

You don't need bartender school to whip one of these up. Here's the instructions:

Step 1: Open!

Step 2: Pour over ice!

Yup, it's that easy!

Just remember to drink responsibly and pace yourself!

All imagery provided by Captain Morgan unless otherwise stated.

So while the weather warms up, keep your crew cool during the hangs with the Captain Morgan Ready to Share cocktails!