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The Clip Of Chris Evans And Milo Ventimiglia I Found That No One Talks About

"I WILL SURVIVE" *me after watching this clip a million and one times*

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Late on a Tuesday evening after a long day at work, I'm looking up videos of Chris Evans shamelessly on YouTube.

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Btw, I love this man

However whilst searching for that wonderful clip of Mr. Cap singing "Pooh Corner," I stumbled across something much better

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Oh yes, I found a video from our own Mr. Evans' acting debut in a television show that first aired in 2000 called "Opposite Sex"

View this video on YouTube

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Not only do we get to see the glorious Mr. America singing in his falsetto and in a dress, but also Milo Ventimiglia (you might know him as a one Mr. Jess Mariano from "Gilmore Girls" or Jack Pearson from "This Is Us" or just simply as one of the other many men I love) is also front and center during this gift to humanity.

The other guy in the clip is Kyle Howard who I don't know much about but after a quick IMDb search I've learned he's been in a a lot of things like "Royal Pains" and "8 Sinple Rules"

Anyway, I've seen nobody mention this clip ever so I thought I might share in case some of you were in the same situation. I highly suggest you watch because it will change your life

God Bless America (& Milo Ventimiglia)

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