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Cap'n Crunch’s New Treasure Hunt Has Arrived, And Consider Our Timbers Shivered

Ready for adventure? Hop aboard the Cap'n's virtual SS Guppy!

The new Cap'n Crunch Adventure is here and it's giving us a real taste of adventure.

Man motions a thumbs-up beside his laptop

Cap'n Crunch Adventure is a treasure hunt that features a series of clues leading explorers to the fruity (or savory) booty.

Along the way, intrepid adventurers are gifted clues by the Cap'n.

You'll also be prompted to survey an expansive SS Guppy, as guided by the Cap'n himself.

You'll be at the helm of things such as — but not limited to — actual cannons.

And while you may not be walking the plank, you'll certainly get an opportunity to explore the Cap'n's ship.

So what are you waiting for?

Young person shrugs

Hop on the SS Guppy and get exploring today!

Group of pirates assesses treasure map

All imagery courtesy of Cap'n Crunch unless otherwise noted.

Discover Cap'n Crunch's ship here and explore all the delicious varieties of Cap'n Crunch cereal today!