12 Times We Wish Life Had Sound Effects

Epic life moments need epic sound effects — you gotta live large! Get the Quicksilver® card from Capital One® and earn unlimited 1.5% cash back, so you can say #KaCHING!

1. For those epic slam dunks.

2. And heartwarming little nose touches.

3. For the tumbles you’ll never forget.

4. And the entrances they’ll never forget.

5. For the extreme mid-air bites.

6. And the gentle slumbers.

7. For squeezing squishy cat faces.

8. And for taking those itty-bitty face-plants.

9. For the impressive sprints across the Sahara.

10. And the even more impressive cannonballs.

11. For the little scares.

12. And, of course, the big wins!

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