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11 Simple Keyboard Shortcuts That Will Save You Time

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1. Find a keyword:

Tyler Sorensen / BuzzFeed

• Ctrl + F (Windows)

• Command + F (Mac)

The Atlantic relayed a study that found that "90% of the U.S. Internet population" in 2011 didn't know how to find a keyword on their computer. Don't be ashamed! Simply type ctrl + F and plug in whatever you're looking for, like you've always done this.

2. Permanently delete a file:

Tyler Sorensen / BuzzFeed

• Shift + Delete (Windows)

• Command + Delete, Command + Shift + Delete (Mac)

Dragging files to the trash can be a drag, but PC users have it easy: click on a file and shift + delete that sucker into oblivion. Macheads, unless you're fluent in Automator, command + delete to move it to the trash, and command + shift + delete to empty it.

3. Reopen closed tabs:

Tyler Sorensen / BuzzFeed

• Ctrl + Shift + T (Windows)

• Command + Shift + T (Mac)

"No no no no no! Come back — don't leave me!" That's you accidentally closing a browser tab. Fortunately, ctrl (command) + shift + T will return it to you. Do it again, and it'll retrieve the tab before that. Try it now. Close this tab. Do it. You'll be back.

4. Lock your computer:

Tyler Sorensen / BuzzFeed

• Win + L (Windows)

• Ctrl + Shift + Eject [Power] (Mac)

Windows users have all the luck (or lock). All they have to do to keep their computer from prying eyes is input the Windows logo key + L. Apple fans can use ctrl + shift + eject (or power) to get the same thing, but only after modifying System Preferences.

5. Rename files:

Tyler Sorensen / BuzzFeed

• F2 (Windows)

• Return (Mac)

A single-key shortcut for both platforms? It doesn't get any easier than that. Simply highlight the file you want to rename and hit F2 on PC or the Return key on a Mac, then you can change that CSXSTE023.jpg to whatever you want. Sorry, right click.

6. Toggle between programs:

Tyler Sorensen / BuzzFeed

• Alt + Tab (Windows)

• Command + Tab (Mac)

A must for any multitasker, alt + tab (command + tab for Mac) allows you to quickly switch between apps without reaching for the dock, taskbar, or minimize button. Go from your music player to your browser to your photo editor with a flick of the wrist!

7. Select a row in a spreadsheet:

Tyler Sorensen / BuzzFeed

• Shift + Space (Windows and Mac)

This one's the same for both operating systems — hooray! To highlight a row in a spreadsheet, click any cell and hit shift + space. Bonus shortcuts: use ctrl + delete to remove the row or ctrl + shift + up or down to select all the rows above or below.

8. Send an email:

Tyler Sorensen / BuzzFeed

• Ctrl + Enter (Windows)

• Command + Enter (Mac)

You do use Gmail, right? Most of us do — so the next time you craft that perfect email, keep your hands where they are and tap ctrl (command) + enter to send it off. Or, if you prefer Outlook, use alt + S for that Fwd: FW: HAPPY AUTUMN message.

9. Paste as plain text:

Tyler Sorensen / BuzzFeed

• Ctrl + Shift + V (Windows)

• Command + Shift + V (Mac)

Sure, everyone knows the old ctrl + v trick, but every once in a while, you copy and paste something that looks like Webdings where the format is completely bonkers. "Just gimme the text!" you cry, so you hit ctrl (command) + shift + V and boom, it works!

10. Show the desktop:

Tyler Sorensen / BuzzFeed

• Win + D (Windows)

• (Fn +) F11 (Mac)

Sometimes you just want to cut the clutter and head straight to the desktop. On a PC, it's as easy as tapping the Windows logo key + D. Mac users can do the same by hitting F11 on an iMac or Fn + F11 on a Macbook. Nothing's more satisfying than that!

11. Select the address bar:

Tyler Sorensen / BuzzFeed

• Ctrl + L (Windows)

• Command + L (Mac)

Imagine you're in a web browser, like the one you're in now. How would you go to a site outside of your bookmarks, in this tab? Click the address bar? That takes too much time! Tap ctrl (command) + L to highlight the address bar and type away!