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13 Animals Who Just Hit The Jackpot

All these animals’ success stories started with their #KaCHING moment. Feel like you hit your own jackpot when you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back with the Quicksilver® card from Capital One®!

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1. This real-life piggy bank.

Image Source / Getty Images

Nannette never understood the meaning of "bringing home the bacon." She is the bacon, and the only thing she's bringing home is dat cash monaaaayyy!

3. They say diamonds are a girl's best friend.

Mark Evans / Vetta / Getty Images

So it's a good thing Dave and Marissa aren't interested in making any friends. This diamond is theirs, scram little girl!

4. Mr. & Mrs. Moneybags over here...

Nancy Rose / Flickr Open / Getty Images

Just because Dane and Lilly have permanent robber masks on their faces it doesn't mean they stole this money. They worked hard for it, OK? So stop stereotyping. Rude...

8. This pricey predator.

Buena Vista Images / Stockbyte / Getty Images

Bill is sick of deep sea divers claiming to find buried treasure. It's not buried, it's hidden and it's his. Where do you expect him to keep it? How many underwater banks have you come across?

9. This turtle that has so much cash it can't even fit in his house.

Rubberball / Mike Kemp / Getty Images

No seriously, Steve's shell is his house. He has so much money he has to keep some of it on the outside.

12. These three who are rolling in the green.

Stephan Zabel / E+ / Getty Images

Joey, Veronica, and Kirk used to hop from grass to grass. Now they're island hopping on a private jet on the daily, eyyyy!