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The Coolest Jobs You Can Get With These College Degrees

Want that dream job? Get started on the right foot by taking the right classes! Here are 8 fun jobs that you can get with these college degrees. Enjoy your college journey, sponsored by Capital One Journey Student Card.

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  • 1. Culinary Trendologist - Gastronomy

    Culinary Trendologist - Gastronomy

    What exactly is a culinary trendologist!? Do you ever wonder why food crazes happen? When did macarons become such a trendy treat to eat? Culinary trendologists study the trends in food consumption. It's important for restaurants to know what's popular and how to stay ahead of the game. Suggested Classes: Statistics, Market Analysis

  • 2. Weather Personality - Meteorology

    Weather Personality - Meteorology

    Do you have dreams of sharing the weather forecast on Television? It's just being a TV personality, you've got to have a passion for science also. Suggested Classes: Math, Science, Communications

  • 3. Sports Agent - Sports Management And Business

    Sports Agent - Sports Management And Business

    Who runs the scenes behind all the famous sports players? The Sports Agents. They are the people that help promote players and negotiate contracts.  Suggested Classes: Accounting, Management, Marketing

  • 4. Toy Designer - Toy Design

    Toy Designer - Toy Design

    Wouldn't you love it if your work was all play? It's the business of fun when you're a toy designer. Suggested classes: Design, Computer modeling image via

  • 5. Video Game Designer - Game Design

    Video Game Designer - Game Design

    You could be the person that makes all the special effects, creates the storyline, or designs all the characters. Awesome! Suggested Classes: Visual Effects, Programming, Game Art

  • 6. Ice Cream Creator - Food Science

    Ice Cream Creator - Food Science

    Eating ice cream all day? Getting to be the person who imagines all the weird and amazing new flavors? Sounds like the best job ever! Suggested Classes: Food Chemistry, Principles of Food Engineering

  • 7. Brewmaster - Fermentation Science

    Brewmaster - Fermentation Science

    If you're kind of a beer connoisseur, and you enjoy the smell of hops, this might be the job for you. Being a brewmaster is different than your home microbrewery though. I mean, your job title has "master" in it. It must be a little difficult. Suggested Classes: Chemistry, Biochemistry, Mathematics

  • 8. Oceanographer - Marine Biology

    Oceanographer - Marine Biology

    Do you love the sea? Are you curious about what lurks beneath the waters? Are you fascinated by the beauty of sea life? Oceanography might be for you. Suggested classes: Marine Biology, Calculus