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How To Date Your Crush Who Is Not Living In Your Country

It is time for Valentine's day again! So this post will give you not only advice about the best valentine gifts or valentine ideas but also how to date a girl or boy who is not coming from your country. When dating people from all around the world it can open up your eyes and you can learn a lot of new stuff. Whether it is in the university, while studying abroad or in multicultural cities like New York. Some of the advantages can be for example to learn a new language with your boy- or girlfriend. It can be Chinese, Turkish or German. Nothing can be better to learn a new language with your crush. But most important is to learn new different cultures including the food, the music and the celebrations (just compare a wedding in Great Britain with a wedding in can't!). Even the dating behaviour of different countries can be so difficult to understand that it is important to know the most common dating facts from different countries:

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1. France

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France is a country where a conventional date is not in common like in other countries. However couples become lovers and are developing their relationships in a less formal way. A French cheese, wine and baguette under the Eiffel Tower is enough. That can be a great idea for Valentine's day, too!

2. Netherlands

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Instead of having the classical role that men have to pay the bills for dinner.. in the Netherlands it is quite common that couples split their bill in half. Mooi!

3. Italy

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Normally boys should open the door to let girls in the apartment or in the restaurant. Not in Italy! To protect the woman from any unexpected danger the man has to enter the room first.

4. India

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In India matchmaking and dating is considered as big entertainment in TV shows und is a great business opportunity. They have their own TV channel called Shagun TV where singles can find their real love! Also dating sites are playing a big role!

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Before it gets serious spanish dating partners playing with each other. You can expect a lot of refusals, ambitious pursuits and plenty of "rounds". Sounds like fun! A good Valentine's idea for a gift: Going to a fancy styled romantic restaurant or send some sweat-heart shaped gifts!

6. Australia

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Australian teenager do not date each other until they get 18 or 19 years old. It is also common that the girl is asking a boy for a date and not the other way around. Girls usually pay the bills when couples are going out. Normally Australians meet their crush on the beach or at a barbie (BBQ). Valentine gifts are steaks or sun cream. Just kidding!

7. Japan

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Japan's Valentine's day sounds fun! Girls have to bring chocolate as a gift for the boy. Unfortunately the girl gets nothing! Exactly one month later the so called "White Day" is reversing the procedure and the boy has the mission to buy the girl a chocolate gift for Valentine's day. But! A boy must at least spend twice the amount of money then the girl on "Valentine's Day".

8. Looking for your right partner for Valentine's day....

There are a lot of more facts and funny differences of behaviour while dating or on Valentine's day. I hope you will find or already have your partner, the right gift and the right idea what to do on Valentine's Day. And do not forget the chocolate girls!!!

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