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9 Things That You Should Definitely Not Be Doing To Your Vagina

Steaming and douching are big no-nos.

1. Please, stop douching and steaming your vagina.

2. And don't use vagina perfume and creams.

3. Rethink removing all of your pubic hair.

4. And stop thinking that thrush is caused by too much sex.

5. Stop avoiding pap smears and checkups.

6. But don't avoid learning about your vaginal health.

7. Rethink some of your lifestyle choices (with your vagina in mind!)

8. Don't ignore changes in your vagina.

9. And stop thinking thrush will go away on its own.

Canesten Vaginal pH Self Test links vaginal pH and symptoms to a probable condition. First, the easy-to-use swab helps you to find out whether or not your vaginal pH level is elevated. Then, this result should be interpreted in conjunction with the symptoms table on the pack, helping you to request the right treatment or consult with a doctor if needed.

The Canesten Vaginal pH Self Test is available on the shelf at pharmacies.

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use.