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What I Needed In My Hospital Bag And What I Should Have Left At Home

What was helpful to have in labor, delivery, and recovery. What was wasted space in my bag. What I wished I had. What I used at home.

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A Robe (Bring It!)


The number one thing I was glad I had in recovery was a robe. I had this cozy silky robe from Victoria's Secret that I got as a gift from a friend at my bridal shower. It was THE BEST when it came to nursing in the middle of the night. We had a baby in special care and I had to go down the hall through three security doors to nurse. I don't know about everyone else, but I wanted nothing to do with those hospital gowns. I only had one on in delivery when I was asked to put it on. In recovery they gave me two that were folded in the corner completely untouched because I thought they were uncomfortable.

Hair Elastics!!! (Bring Them!)


Okay, I give props to women who do their hair and makeup in labor. I for one was lucky I got a shower before going to the hospital. I had my husband sit in the bathroom with me making sure I didn't fall while I had three minute apart contractions in the shower. That was tough. By the time we got to the hospital the contractions were two minutes apart. I was in such a zone of breathing when I was having the contractions, I couldn't imagine doing my hair or makeup. That being said "Bring Hair Elastics!" I really wanted my hair out of my face and I had forgotten I had packed a brand new pair of those ribbon like hair ties. My sister was in the delivery room with me and thankfully gave me the hair tie she keeps on her wrist. That woman is a hero.

Shower Products (Bring Them)


The most comforting time in recovery for me was in the shower. The warm water was just what my body needed. Make sure you bring your shower products ie: Body Wash, Shampoo, Conditioner, Face Wash, Lotion, Hair Dryer. Your hospital does not supply them in the bathroom, it is not like a hotel. I brought makeup and as I mentioned earlier I did not use it, but if you bring your makeup and use it, props girl.

Belly Bandit (Use it at home)


This was a product I didn't make much use of in the hospital, but LOVED in the following weeks that I was home. Immediately after that baby comes out of you, your belly fells like jello. Belly Bandit was a great support in home recovery, and super comfortable. I have even worn it past 6 weeks postpartum when exercising. I would advise taking it off when eating though, gave me a belly ache to wear it when eating.

Lolly Pops (No Need)


So my mother (God bless her good intentions) advised that I pack lolly pops because I would need something to suck on in labor. I don't know if this was something they did that was popular in the 80's, but I had absolutely no desire to have them in labor. I didn't even open the package.

A Baby Book (Use it at home)


I am such a sentimental scrapbook person. I brought the baby book to the hospital thinking I would do tracing of her little hands, and ask the nurses to do her foot prints in the book. That didn't happen. I love her baby book, but I didn't have the time to work on it until she was 8 weeks old and started sleeping 8 hours through the night.

A Water Bottle (Bring it if your hospital doesn't supply one)


I brought a refillable water bottle from home, you will need one! I didn't use it because the hospital was amazing enough to provide me with one, and honestly, it's one of my new favorite water bottles. Ask your hospital if they provide you with one and if they do leave yours at home, if they don't, be sure to bring one. You drink a lot of water in recovery, especially if you are nursing constantly.

Multiple Chap-Sticks (Bring a few!)


I brought two chap-sticks, one in my purse and one in my hospital bag. Somehow I still managed to not be able to find either of them when I needed one. Hospital air is SO DRY. My lips were so chapped they were peeling. My husband is the real MVP for buying me an amazing chap-stick in the gift shop.

Eye Mask (No Need)


I wish I could look at past me packing that eye mask and say "Really? That's Cute" When you have a newborn you do not sleep. I would nurse and tend to the baby for an hour and then have an hour and a half before I had to do a feed again. There is NO SLEEP.

Breast Pump (Bring if you would like a tutorial or if your hospital doesn't supply one)


I brought my Medela from home, but the hospital supplied me with a hospital pump and personal parts; (It was so great to go home with spare parts) I didn't use my pump in the hospital, but I was glad I brought it because a lactation consultant was able to give me a tutorial on how to use it. Also, some insurance companies provide you with a free pump covered by your insurance, so make sure you call and look into that when you are pregnant. Mine arrived about a month before delivery.

Books (Read them at home)


You have got to be kidding me past me. Why would you pack a book. There was no time to read in the hospital. My sister also brought me two Cosmopolitan magazines as a comfort from home. I remember looking at the first few pages of ads between contractions thinking "This is a joke" That being said I did read the magazines and baby books in the following weeks at home. I would also recommend the books "On Becoming Baby Wise" and "Work. Pump. Repeat."

Hospital Paperwork (Don't forget it!)


Chances are your doctor will give you paperwork for the baby to fill out at home and bring with you. I didn't sleep much in recovery, but when I finally did that's when my doctor, nurses, housekeeping room maintenance, and the woman collecting paperwork all decided to arrive. Have it done beforehand, it's one less thing for you to worry about when you are trying to get some rest. My husband was able to just hand the woman the paperwork and I was able to get some precious and much needed sleep.

Breast Pads (Get 10 packs to use at home)


These were so amazing when I arrived home. When you are in the hospital, you produce colostrum "Liquid Gold" and I personally wasn't leaking until I arrived home. I loved "Breast Pads" and actually ordered more when I arrived home. You can get five free packs with the code BREASTPAD35

Dermoplast (BRING IT!!!)


Okay, so this is graphic, but whatever, it's a post about labor and delivery. I tore, and I brought "New Mama Bottom Spray" which was nice, and I'm so glad I brought it, but I had to practically beg the nurses for Dermoplast to use as well. They provide you with these tucks pads, which I found to be no help. I wish I just bought and packed the Dermoplast! Do your girly parts a favor and bring a can with you.

Vitamins (Confirm that your hospital supplies them and if they do leave yours at home and save them)

I brought my prenatal vitamins, but my hospital nurses supplied me with one every day, so I could have left them at home.

Pads (Leave them at home - In the fridge *Trust Me*)


I brought small thin pads... oh naive pre-baby me. You don't need to bring pads. Your hospital will supply you with disposable underwear "The Victoria's Secret Special" they call it lol They will also give you Maxi Pads that will remind you of middle school.

Breastfeeding Bars (BRING THEM)


I brought Happy Mama Breastfeeding Support bars with me. Oh my goodness are they amazing. My supply has been so strong and I don't know if it's me or the bars or a combination, but I would invest in these if you are breastfeeding and get the okay from your doctor. The Cherry Lemon ones are so delicious. You can also get them on a subscription through Amazon Subscribe and Save

Oils, Back Massage Tool, Anti-Nausea Spray (Didn't Use Them)


Let me start by saying everyone's labor and delivery is a personal experience. That being said I watched a video of a Doula using oils and massage during labor and thought "I'll pack all that stuff". I didn't even think about those things once I was in labor. I went into this personal zone when I was having contractions. I didn't even want to hear the television, let alone have someone touching me with oils or massaging me. If that is your cup of tea, you do you girl and bring those oils.

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