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David Schwimmer's Anti- Sexual Harassment Campaign Is Prevalent Now More Than Ever

Woo hoo for Ross Gellar!

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Back in April, David Schwimmer unveiled a six-part PSA-style series that debunks the myth that most sexual harassment occurs between a woman and someone she doesn't know and offers six different forms of sexual harassment scenarios real people experience daily.


The idea came about when Israeli director and producer, Sigal Avin, sent Schwimmer a set of sexual harassment PSAs she had recently produced in Israel, that she wanted to receive feedback on.

Schwimmer, like any decent human being, felt sick to his stomach after watching the PSAs and decided to bring the idea to the United States.


In the United States, it has been reported that roughly one in three American women have experienced some sort of sexual harassment at work.

The video series features familiar faces such as Cynthia Nixon, Emmy Rossum, Bobby Cannavale, and even Schwimmer himself.


Schwimmer talks about the severity of the issue on The View:

"The current climate right now in this country ... it feels like women and their advocates are fighting for basic human and civil rights. Sigal and I thought, we need to explicitly state that sexual harassment and sexual assault is not permissible and also give a face to it".

These claims have become normalized, however, Schwimmer has gone out of his way to make sure people understand what sexual harassment is and what it looks like- even in the so-called "grey areas".

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Schwimmer notes:

"It's vital that men understand this "gray area" still qualifies as sexual harassment. It's just as unacceptable. I really hope that men see these films as well, so they can learn, 'Oh, that's not appropriate behavior'"

You can watch and share the six-part PSA series below:

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