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    I Let Twitter Run My Life For A Day, And Here's What Happened

    After moving to Berlin, I decided to see if living my life according to Twitter polls could help me mix things up and get to know my adopted city better.

    1. I set myself up to go to a sad museum in the rain.

    2. At the museum, I learn about collective potty breaks in East Germany.

    3. After that I headed to one of Berlin’s "alternative" neighborhoods.

    4. Twitter lead me to street art and sex toys.

    Finally, on Oranienstrasse, we found a cozy burrito stop known as Santa Maria. I had been there before, but it was still lovely.

    5. First, Twitter sent me to a nice, cozy bar...

    6. ...and then we ended up at a bar where the furniture is on the ceiling.

    7. Next, I ate Persian food for the first time.

    8. My responsible Twitter followers discouraged me from buying drugs.

    But it was largely ignored. My friend Maggie sent me a message saying, "YOU CAN'T ASK TWITTER THAT!"

    I had no intention of doing drugs, but it seems my tweeps are apparently mostly good-hearted, law-abiding individuals. No drugs for me.

    9. Instead of doing anything illegal, I headed to the happiest bar in Berlin.

    10. At the last stop of the evening, despite my expert flirtation techniques, I went home alone.

    Did things get really crazy? No. But I think I will try this experiment more often while I'm traveling.

    Truthfully, I expected a little more chaos in this experiment, because I've had some odd experiences so far in Berlin. A few nights ago, an stranger recited love poetry to me in the street. Recently I stayed out all night until noon, just chatting with a friend at a shady 24-hour bar, not even realizing it was daylight outside. But it seems to be a general rule of nature that when you set yourself up for the unexpected, things don't necessarily work out that way.

    On the other hand, it was fun to do a whole bunch of things I normally wouldn't. I doubt Persian food would have been my first choice for dinner, and getting up early on a Saturday morning to visit a museum? Nuh-uh. Not me. So I do think I'll definitely try polling my followers again, in the future, and in other places. Who knows where I'll end up?