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    Another Twenty One Ways You Can Up Your Social Media Game

    Think you are a social media pro? I'm sure you can still learn a thing or two here...

    Many people apparently think the best way to engage people on social media, is to post videos of themselves talking to the camera while they are on the way to work.

    I'll be honest, when I see videos like that, I quickly move past that.

    Here are 21 tips that you can use to post engaging and thoughtful content on social media.

    Messy behind-the-scenes posts

    Get Offline


    Make People Laugh

    Be the show, not the commercial

    Tell a story in a different way

    The Goldilocks Rule

    Never ask for trades





    Two-way communication

    Get to know your audience

    Once per day

    Use professional photos

    They want to have a conversation with you!



    Your niche

    Have a strong bio