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Women Tried Boudoir Photography For The First Time And Loved Every Second Of It

"These are going straight on my OkCupid profile."

The ladies of Bustle decided to show off their figures and try out boudoir photography. This is what happened.

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Anna was just ready to revamp her dating profiles.

Kelsea was focusing on what her body would look like in the poses.

And Marie was just interested to see what photographing next to nude would feel like.

Things got pretty crazy and pretty awkward pretty fast once the clothes came off...

...But once those nerves were gone, the ladies started FELLIN'. THEM. SELVES.

The ladies started to embrace their bodies and love their natural curves or lack thereof.

Kelsea loved the experience, saying, "It came at a good time. I do feel uncomfortable with my new shape, but I'm feeling a little better about it."

Anna loved the fact that she was into herself in the photos. "I think there's a pretty girl in those photos for sure. ... It's just something to be happy with for yourself."

Marie came away advocating that every woman should have the boudoir experience. "Women are told to be afraid of their bodies. ... It's just so important, I think, to get to know your nude body."