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What Happens When Everyday Dudes Attempt To Re-Enact "Magic Mike"

"My stripper name could be 'Danger.'"

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Cosmopolitan brought in some everyday guys to strip down and re-create the thirstworthy Magic Mike XXL posters, and they weren't half bad.

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Let's get started!

Kyler used some memories from previous experiences as inspiration...


Matthew seemed to really be into the shoot.

And he actually had the most kick-ass picture.

Can he be an honorary dancer plz, thx.

Can he be an honorary dancer plz, thx.



Charlie was also all about the crotch-point with an added twist: the duckface.

But he ultimately went with the "Standing-on-my-toes-like WHOA BRAH."

At one point the guys just started making up names for their dance moves.

Close enough!

After all was said and done, they considered their future as potential strippers.

Way to go, guys! Are these the faces of Magic Mike: XXXL Big and Tall?

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