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    This Girl's Sweet 16 Had To Come To An End After Poop Started Falling From The Sky

    Talk about a crappy situation.

    A girl was celebrating her Sweet 16 in Levittown, Pennsylvania, when all of sudden it LITERALLY RAINED POOP.

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    As the Fox 29 anchor said, "There's a couple observations about Sweet 16 parties. Number one, you only get one in your lifetime, and number two shouldn't be there."

    Birthday girl Jacinda was just relaxing with friends and family at her house when the worst thing ever started falling from the sky.

    Thank goodness Jacinda's stepfather, Joe, had put up a canopy for some added shade.

    He told the reporter, "It looked like if a hundred birds flew over, and went to the bathroom all simultaneously."

    Luckily, the family had finishing eating the cake when it all went down.

    So, why was poop falling from the sky? Joe's sister discovered that five planes were flying above them when it happened, and that it must have come from them.

    The FAA is still investigating the incident, as planes are required to dump waste only after they land at airports.

    Hang in there, Jacinda!

    h/t Uproxx