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    24 Times You Connected With Patrick Star On A Spiritual Level

    "Who you calling Pinhead?"

    1. First of all, when you both shared the fact that the inner workings of your mind were an enigma, you knew you and Patrick had something special.

    2. And when Spongebob came to Patrick to have his most important questions answered it resonated with you.

    3. When you both shared the secret to being classy AF.

    4. When it came time to be Pinhead or Dirty Dan, and he knew where is true heart was.

    5. When Patrick wasn't afraid to focus on the more important things in life...

    6. ... Or when he just knew how to tell it like it was.

    7. When he was exceptionally good with cleverly inventing something with the resources he had...

    8. ... And when he wasn't afraid to challenge the classics.

    9. When he made you feel like you weren't the only one trying to get a handle on life.

    10. And when he shared your joy of just doing NOTHING on a Saturday.

    11. When he knew the true everyday struggles of running out of toilet paper...

    12. ... And doing whatever it takes in order to stay warm at the office.

    13. When he knew what true love felt like...

    14. ... And when it made him make a total fool of himself.

    15. But then you felt for him when he went through devastating heartbreak.

    16. And when he discovered that love was nothing but a fancy, red façade.

    17. When he experienced the same dreams as you...

    18. ... And knew that in order to make those dreams a reality, you have TO FIRMLY GRASP THEM.

    19. When you both shared an equal love of all foods everywhere...

    20. ... No matter the time of day.

    21. When he wasn't afraid to speak up and ask the important questions...

    22. ... Or get a little cheeky from time to time.

    23. When he was always up to help a friend in need, no matter the challenge.

    24. Because he knew that a true friendship lasts a lifetime.