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Here's What It's Like To Live With Two Vaginas

"It's probably like a nose if you could imagine it upside down."

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YouTube personality Cassandra Bankson, known for her miraculous makeup tricks, recently revealed she has two vaginas. Barcroft TV talked to Bankson to learn more about her unique situation.

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After a doctor's visit for kidney pain, her physician discovered Bankson had TWO vaginas.

She told the Daily Mail, "There is one vaginal opening but inside there are two vaginas, two uteri, two cervixes."

She always knew her periods were a little off, because she would bleed for up to 28 days per cycle as opposed to the 3–5 day average.

She also mentioned she grew up with horrible cramps, mood swings, and stomach issues during her period.

Bankson is known for her makeup tricks for covering up acne, and after making the discovery, she started to wonder if her vaginal issues had anything to do with it.

Her gynecologist explained that in the womb, a female fetus usually has two tubes within the uterus. These tubes eventually fuse together to create one vagina. In Cassandra's case, they never fused.

She also noted that her skin condition might not be connected to her two vaginas in any way.

The only possible problem posed by her two vaginas would be getting pregnant, but it's not an issue at the time being for Cassandra.

After learning about her skin and vaginal issues, Cassandra has dedicated her life to helping others struggling with confidence and bullies.



This post has been updated to clarify that Bankson also has two uteruses.