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This Is How Much Retouching Goes Into A Fashion Campaign

There's more Photoshop than meets the eye.

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Rare Digital Art, a high-end retouching boutique, created a video showing the tedious and time-consuming work it takes to photoshop a fashion piece.

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First, the model's skin is smoothed and her jaw is slightly reshaped.

Then, a separate background is designed, erasing her hair and unnecessary flyaways around her fingers.

Her skin is smoothed down further, hiding any bumps or blemishes.

And her lipstick is cleaned up and shaded darker, while her teeth get straighter and whiter.

After her fingernails are lengthened and evened out, her cheeks are shaded and her jawline is more defined.

And finally, after a few finishing touches, you have a flawless fashion photo.

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