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    See What Salads Look Like All Over The World In Under Two Minutes

    Who said salads are boring?

    Food, People, Places takes you on a salad tour through 10 different countries all in under two minutes, and yes, the recipes are included.

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    The team wrote under their video, "We selected them to show you the diversity of one meal that, despite its enormous differences, is always designated by the only term 'Salad'."

    First up is The Orange Blossom and Carrot Salad from Morocco filled with a ton of vitamin A.

    The recipe is simple: Orange rinds, carrots, raisins, orange juice and pistachios.

    Next up is the hearty Wurst Salat from Germany with meat on meat on meat.

    Onions, pickles, sliced sausage, and sweet and sour sauce makes one damn ~gut~ salad.

    The Thailandese Glassnoodle Salad (Yum Woon Sen) will probably fill you up for days.

    Top off your glassnoodles, shrimp, peanuts, cilantro, celery, and tomatoes with a sweet and spicy dressing for perfection.

    Let's bring it back to America with the classic Caesar Salad.

    Romain, croutons, fresh parm (and maybe some chicken): What else do you need?

    BRB, making every salad on earth.