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    How People Who Have Struggled With Eating Disorders See "Fat"

    "Your fat can actually be great."

    Cut Video recently asked men and women who have struggled with an eating disorder to respond to the word "fat." Their responses are heartbreaking and inspiring.

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    When someone hears the word "fat," it can have a very triggering and negative affect on someone, especially if they're facing the struggle of an eating disorder.

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    It can feel like "fat" is another word for "sadness," and "skinny" is the key to happiness...

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    ...And it can be a label that is extremely frustrating and hard to get rid of.

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    But through recovery and time, "fat" doesn't have to be so negative. Fat is essential to sustaining human life.

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    Many people are hit with labels based off their appearances, whether that be fat or skinny, but in the end, they're not what should define them.

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