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    A Guy Shaved His Beard After 14 Years And His Family Couldn't Recognize Him

    "I feel like I'm cheating on you!"

    Mook decided to shave his beard after 14 years, and his family, including his wife, got to see his face for the first time. Their reactions, captured in this BBRChannel video, are priceless.

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    He was a little nervous to let go but said, "If my daughter says, 'Dad I want you to stay like this,' I will for as long as she likes."

    Here goes nothing.

    His mother and sister saw him first, and they burst with joy and shock.

    His dad didn't even notice him at first!

    It even took his daughter a moment to realize it was Dad, but she loved him anyway.

    And his wife was at a loss for words.

    And she was weirded out for a hot minute.

    Yes for taking chances and changing things up!