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    23 Reasons Why Martin Freeman Is A Wonderful English Gift To Humanity

    There's a little more to him than his adorableness.

    1. He was the original Jim in The Office.

    2. Which means he invented the "Jim stare."

    3. In fact, he's mastered it.

    4. Not to mention, HE'S JOHN FREAKING WATSON.

    5. He's an old soul.

    6. Anyone remember the wonderfully awkward guy in Love Actually that you couldn't help but fall in love with?


    7. He actually loves Christmas too.

    8. He looks so damn good in a suit.

    He looks good in a suit. #martinfreeman #WatsonSpam #MartinsAngels #ilovejohnwatson

    Mrs Fandom❤️@Lucy_M88

    He looks good in a suit.

    #martinfreeman #WatsonSpam #MartinsAngels #ilovejohnwatson

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    9. His style stems from a passion for 1950's pre-mod culture.

    10. He knows how to pull off the salt n' pepper hair look.

    11. Speaking of hair, it always manages to go perfectly to the side.

    12. He loves a nice cup of tea.

    13. He can be super sassy.

    14. He even knows how to make the most corrupt characters likable.

    15. He doesn't let the pressure of fame get to him.

    16. His middle finger game is unreal.

    17. He owns at squash. He played on the British National Squash team from nine years old to fourteen.

    18. He doesn't take anyone's shit.

    19. He has the best reactions of any actor out there.

    20. He loves music, and has an awesome vinyl record collection.

    21. Look at those dance moves.

    22. He's a homebody.

    23. He enjoys the simple things in life.

    Thank you, Mr. Freeman.