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25 Life-Changing Relationship Lessons We Learned From Chuck And Blair

"Three words, eight letters."

1. Chuck and Blair proved that all relationships come with a little bit of dysfunction.

2. But they also showed us love can be so damn real.

3. Blair and Chuck made us realize sometimes love comes from the most unexpected places.

4. And there's nothing better than having your S.O. also be your partner in crime.

5. Don't be afraid to make the first move, and tell your crush how you really feel.

Sometimes it takes being on a Manhattan rooftop to get your feelings out.

6. Because they might be thinking the same thing.

7. After all, their weaknesses may be your strengths.

And that helps you both see the good in each other.

8. Every time you hit a rough patch, "sorry" can be so much more than just a word.

9. As well as that eight-letter phrase.

10. Loving someone means being their biggest fan, even when it seems like the whole world is against them.

11. And knowing they'll always be there for you when it feels like no one else is.

It may not be as dramatic as Blair saving Chuck from leaping off a skyscraper, but it might feel like it.

12. Sometimes being in love means putting up a fight.

13. And accepting that the hard times are necessary to know if you really want to be with them.

14. Color-coordinating with your partner never hurt anybody.

15. Neither has a little spontaneity.

16. Compliments never get old.

17. And your S.O. should never fail to recognize how amazing you are.

18. No matter how cheeky they may be.

19. And keeping things lively is part of the fun.

20. Never be afraid to be honest and talk about your problems.

21. Because once you can be honest with each other, you can fully trust each other.

22. Sometimes the strongest relationships are the ones that have been broken up several times along the road.

23. And loving someone might mean giving them a second chance.

24. Sometimes being patient can be unbelievably hard.

Blair deserves a gold medal for her ability to wait for Chuck.

25. But in the end, it's all completely worth it.