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    Here's Why Your Fingers And Toes Get Wrinkly When They Get Wet

    There's more to your shriveled fingers and toes, than just looking like nasty raisins.

    Do you ever wonder why your fingers and toes end up looking like nasty raisins after being in water? SciShow FINALLY solved this enigma in their new video, and the wrinkling isn't completely pointless.

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    So, initially scientists thought this was caused by osmosis through your skin, which caused only your skin to expand, not anything beneath.

    But that all changed in 1935, when scientists noticed the wrinkling didn't occur with a patient who had nerve damage in his hand.

    So, this meant that the wrinkling must have been caused by the nervous system.

    But what helpful purpose does this have for us as humans? Michael explains that it actually "gives you a better grip in wet conditions."

    Scientists found that people with wrinkly wet hands were able to pick up wet objects 12% faster than people with dry hands.

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