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Doctors Surprised This Blind Woman With A 3D Print Of Her Baby During Her Ultrasound

"What does he look like, doctor?"

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Visually impaired mom-to-be Tatiana Guerra was able to "see" her baby's ultrasound with the help of a 3D printer in Huggies Brazil's new campaign.

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"We have adopted a cause and took advantage of 3D technology to honor all mothers — including those who can’t see — in this very important moment of motherhood, which is the ultrasound exam," Augusto Cruz Neto, partner and president of Mood, the agency behind the short, told BuzzFeedVideo.

Tatiana, now 30 years old, was diagnosed with optic neuritis at 17, which inflames the optic nerve and causes blindness. Because of her disease, she's unable to truly see her unborn son.

But it doesn't stop her from being excited to show him the world.

At five months pregnant, Guerra went into her ultrasound and asked the doctor to describe in detail what her son looked like.

Then the doctor asked her what she thought he looked like and felt like.

Little did she know, the doctors were working on a 3D model of her ultrasound so she could touch and feel her little boy.

He handed Guerra the molding and she discovered, "I am your son" is etched in braille at the top.

And she couldn't be happier!

The video ends saying, "every mom deserves to embrace each moment."

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