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    41 Amazing Free People-Inspired DIYs

    Let's be real, the boho style doesn't come cheap.

    1. Wooden Jewelry Holder

    2. Dream Catchers

    See how to make these crochet dram catchers here.

    3. Colorful Fabric Garland

    If you have any leftover fabric, just cut it into strips and drape it over twine. Instructions here.

    4. Painted Rock Magnets

    The main component is right outside your doorstep. With some acrylic paint you can create great magnets or even paper weights. See the tutorial here.

    5. Gold Bookends

    Just by spray-painting PVC pipe, you can create sleek bookends. See how here.

    6. Paper Plane Mobile

    7. Watercolor Mug

    Add some color to a white mug with this simple tutorial.

    8. Gold Dipped Feather Garland.

    9. Painted Arrows

    Get crafty with this tutorial.

    10. Ombre Glass Vases

    Recycle glass jars by painting them your favorite colors. Learn how here.

    11. Adorned Military Jacket

    Grab a military jacket or shirt from a thrift shop, and decorate it with lace and buttons. Check it out here.

    12. Watermelon Dip-dye Shorts

    Create these fun shorts with white jeans and paint. See tutorial here.

    13. Braided Coverup

    14. Strappy Bra

    By adding some elastic to an old bra, you can create something perfect for cutout and backless shirts. See how here.

    15. No-sew Lace Shorts

    White Soffes and a roll of lace create a dressy pair of shorts. See the video tutorial here.

    16. Backless Blouse

    A pair of scissors can make a tee something perfect for those hot summer days. See the simple instructions here.

    17. Embroidered Jeans

    18. DIY Kimono

    19. DIY Boxy Sweater

    It may take a little bit of time, but this sweater is a great piece year round.

    20. Tribal Jean Shorts

    Make these awesome shorts with some bleach and a sharpie.

    21. Tapestry iPhone Wallet

    Create this simple case with leather, fabric, and some sewing skills.

    22. Embellished Sunglasses

    This tutorial turns three different pairs of sunglasses into fun pieces for summer.

    23. DIY Net Bag

    Stores like Whole Foods have net bags that you can transform into cute summer totes. See how here.

    24. Decorated Power Cords

    Washi tape is wonderful, and can add style and color to anything. You also won't ever mistake someone else's charger for yours. See it here.

    25. Feather Sun Hat

    Revamp an old sunhat by adding a colorful feather to it. See instructions here.

    26. Embroidered Notebooks

    Give your notebooks a little added pizazz with this tutorial.

    27. Yoga Mat Bag

    28. Chain Headpiece

    Feel like you're at Coachella everyday with this easy to make headpiece.

    29. Woven Chain Bracelet

    Put your braiding skills to the test with this DIY.

    30. Geometric Cocktail Ring

    These rings only involve a stone, ring base, and glue. You can even use unique faux stones on buttons as the main piece.

    31. Simple Gold Anklet

    This anklet is easy to accessorize, and is perfect for summer.

    32. Leather Necklace

    This necklace was seen in stores not too long ago with a pretty hefty price tag. Learn how to make it at home here.

    33. Tassel Necklace

    This necklace is quick and easy to make and adds a pop of color for summer looks.

    34. Crystal Ear Cuff

    Ear cuffs are a great style addition to your wardrobe, and add a little something to every look. See how to make them here.

    35. DIY Quartz Bangle

    This cuff runs for $258.00 in Free People stores, so why not make it for a fraction of the price? The DIY is incredibly easy and fun.

    36. Jeweled Sandals

    Glue stones to any pair of strappy sandals for a fresh new look. See the instructions here.

    37. Belted Boots

    38. Tassel Heels

    Go to any fabric store and grab some tassels and rope to transform your simple sandals into a brand new pair of shoes. See here.

    39. Decorated Sneakers

    40. Fringe Sandals

    Add a boho vibe to your favorite pair of simple summer sandals. See how to make them here.

    41. Glitter Boots

    This is a great way to revamp your old boots and dress them up for any occasion. See the easy tutorial here.